3 Instrumental Tips When Choosing A Bail Bond Company

Posted on: 18 September 2018

When a loved one is sent to jail, you want to get them out as soon as possible. You can when you post bail by working with a bail bond company. To ensure this selection process goes smoothly, take advantage of these tips. 

Ask About Hidden Fees 

Most bail bond companies will charge you a percentage for posting bail to get your loved one out of jail. They'll then cover the rest. It's important to note, though, that some companies also charge additional fees.

These fees could cover a number of things, including credit card processing fees, payment plan setup fees, and documentation fees. Knowing how much these fees are in advance is paramount for choosing a bail bond company that works for your particular budget. 

If the bail bond agency is hesitant in disclosing what these fees are, it's better to continue searching for a more upfront company.

Put Emphasis on Experience 

Experience is everything when it comes to these bail bond companies. Those just starting out probably aren't as familiar with legal processes and insider tips, which could thus complicate the posting of your loved one's bail and slow things down.

Conversely, an experienced bail bond company knows exactly what actions to take to get your family member out of jail. They'll file the necessary paperwork and get in touch with the right parties, who control the fate of your loved one's freedom status. Preferably, you want your bail bond company to have decades of experience in this industry to facilitate this entire process.

See How Payment Works 

Even though you're often only required to put a small percentage down to work with a bail bond company, sometimes coming up with this money can still be tough.

If you're in this position, you need to find a bail bond company that offers flexible payment methods. For example, for your loved one to post bail, you may only have to pay a small fee every month to the bail bond company until they recoup their money.

Or, you can look for bail bond companies that accept other assets as a form of payment -- such as jewelry. Just make sure you're comfortable with the bail bond company's financial terms before agreeing to anything. 

Hearing that your loved one has been locked up is a startling experience for any family to be put through. In these dire times, you need help from the right bail bond company. Choose wisely so that the entire bail bond posting process is easier to get through.